Musicon - a family business

We are delighted to share our latest achivement – the largest Polish website for family businesses has made an article about the Musicon.
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Musicon – a family business

Musicon is a family business, an example which proves that passion, perseverance and support can motivate and give strength to pursue goals.

The Musicon is an interactive musical instrument designed to stimulate the child’s development in all key areas. The device allows the user to simultaneously compose and perform musical pieces. Not only does it entertain—it educates just as effectively. The Musicon is a miniature laboratory of sound, physics and mechanics. The children are able to see the process of making music, from composing until the achievement of the final result. The instrument teaches analog programming, composition and mathematics; moreover, through entertainment, it teaches children to work in groups. For that reason, it is well-suited for use in kindergartens and other child care facilities.

The Musicon supports the treatment of children with mobility problems and disabilities, receiving positive reviews from specialists in the field. The concept of the instrument emerged four years ago, winning international acclaim and numerous awards. For a few years, the author of the project has been improving it on the basis of research into the psychophysiology of child development and the influence of music on human development.

The project has received many awards which reassured Kamil and his family in the belief that this idea is worth developing. Moreover, the instrument has met with an enthusiastic reception from parents and, most importantly, children. That's how Musicon Club came to be. Its mission is not only to educate or entertain the youngest. It also teaches many other values such as teamwork, and makes people realize that every child has a hidden potential that should be adequately stimulated.

For Musicon to be able to go from a version available only on paper to a full-fledged product, Kamil's parents decided to sell the house and invest the money in their son's passion. Thanks to their support it was possible to produce the first instrument. Kamil also has the support of his younger siblings – his sister Ida and brother Philip.

For the business to be able to develop, Kamil's start-up is organizing a crowfunding campaign on Kickstarter which will gather the resources needed to launch Musicon's production. This is proof that solid craftsmanship combined with passion will always prevail and that family businesses have the motivation that allows them to realize even the most original and time-consuming projects.

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